Making sense of soup

Some 15 years ago, after a brain-storming session involving employees, customers and suppliers, we were left looking at a table covered in 350 Post-it notes. How to make sense of them all? How to extract the value undoubtedly contained in them? “It’s like making sense of soup,” said one of our advisors. Thus, was born Pansensic.

The Smart Way To Improve Your Organisation’s Performance

Today we make sense of soup on a far larger scale. Every week Pansensic collects and analyses millions of Customer and Employee feedback comments. We have learned how to extract the knowledge and experience contained in these comments and present it in ways that allow our clients to truly make a difference.

We are different in our methodology from almost all other providers by NOT primarily using data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and/or Machine Learning (ML), but rather by using a vast curated database of real used Keywords and Phrases that reveal the contextual use.

Why Our Clients Use Pansensic’s “RADAR” Insights


Our insights are all focused on improving your organisation, its management, its culture, its systems, its products and its services. As improvement specialists we know what the clues to improvement are, and we can find them in your data.


Our “Text Analytics Engine” is continually audited and honed to ensure context accuracy of keyword hits. Context accuracy means ensuring the computer knows the difference between ‘cross the road’ and ‘being cross with management’. 


Depth of analysis means getting granular. Here we make sense of the specifics, the what and the whys present within your data. If 73% of your customers like your service you need to understand exactly the reasons “why” the 27% do not.


If insights are not Relevant, Accurate or Deep, at best they are not actionable and, at worst, you should not action them. It is very easy to claim that insights are actionable when they are simply interesting insights. These insights, however, cannot be easily actioned.


One comment is anecdotal, but hundreds of comments saying the same thing is an evidence-based insight that you can trust. Our algorithms look for improvement clues in the data, based on tried and tested improvement and innovation methods.

At the heart of all Pansensic’s offerings is the world’s most powerful narrative analytics engine. We have a raft of proprietary technologies that allows us to extract the value from open text comments, distil the value in meaningful ways, and present our findings via an attractive and intuitive interface.

One of our greatest achievements is blending all this expertise into sector-specific tool kits. Tools that are practical, powerful, easy to use and allow YOU to deliver the goods, whatever these might be.

  • Implicit/explicit positivity
  • Full-spectrum emotion analytics
  • Context engine
  • Contradiction finder
  • Richness/value filters

Powerful Analytics

Pick from 400+ tools.
Industry-leading accuracy.
Comprehensive filters.
From dashboard to detail.
Benchmarking and comparison.

Auditing function.

Intuitive UI

Fast. Gorgeous graphics. Customisable interface. “Hot” data highlighting. Dynamic real-time updates. Drill-down to verbatim.

Safe and Secure

ISO-27001 data-centres.
Granular access.
256 bit encryption.
Individual client databases.
Geo-specific servers.


APIs in and out.
Combine internal and external data.
Continuous data feeds.
Cloud or on-site implementation.

Share Outputs

Printable graphics.
Export to XL/CSV/API.

Pansensic work with many of the world’s best-known organisations and brands, in the commercial and corporate sector.
What they have in common is a belief that the experiences of their employees and stakeholders can improve profitability.
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