Our Team and Pedigree

Formed in 2015, Pansensic developed out of the collaborated thinking of a multitude of expert innovators and improvers from three companies:

  • Akumen (enterprise software designers & knowledge management experts)
  • Systematic Innovation (global innovation consultants)
  • Happen Group (global innovation practitioners)

We pooled all our knowledge and experience, a total of some 360 man-years, then coded that knowledge and experience into Pansensic software. Today Pansensic works with organisations from all over the world in a wide range of sectors. What our clients have in common is the understanding that the experiences of their customers, employees and stakeholders can provide game-changing insights.

Paul Howarth

Founder and Leader

One of the world’s great original thinkers, Paul has a huge ability to learn from others, and then do something completely different. He has spent a lifetime finding better ways to do things: for 15 years he has been finding the best ways to extract value from narrative data. He is passionate about making a difference to society by helping decision makers harness the “wisdom of the crowd”.

Tim Naylor

Enterprise Architect

With a comprehensive grasp of the big picture, as well as an understanding of how every small part contributes to the whole, Tim would make a master jigsaw puzzle solver. As it is, he makes sure that Pansensic benefits from best in class technologies and platforms, balancing the agility and scalability required in a fast developing business with a solid and secure foundation.

Eleanor Barlow MA


Eleanor is a dedicated researcher and writer, meticulous editor, vivacious interviewer and persistent organiser within the Pansensic team. With a master’s from the University of Bristol in Musicology and a first-class degree BA (Hons) in English Literature, Eleanor relishes reading, researching, writing and editing on anything from AI/ML/NLP technology to medieval manuscript.


Myke Challacombe

Code Magician

Myke is the Pansensic secret weapon when it comes to coding the algorithms that make us what we are. In the past he has created turnkey ERP systems (he basically built his own version of SAP, only without the downsides). He has been coding Pansensic’s capability from day one. The coding team may have grown but under Myke’s leadership remains agile and adaptable.

David Walker

Innovation in Practice

David is a master innovator. He has worked with world class leadership teams, delivering applied innovation to over 50% of the world’s top brands. David has helped create several hundred million pounds of incremental value for clients. His personable, perceptive nature makes David a team-builder par excellence, creating teams that more than deliver on their promises.

Richard Fifield


With a background in the Venture Capital industry, Richard has seen hundreds of businesses succeed or fail. He has a unique insight into what it takes for an ambitious young company to realise its vision and become a global force. His cheerfulness, equanimity and “ain’t no mountain high enough” attitude inspire confidence in the way forward.

David Hood

Client Champion

Dynamic, creative and enthusiastic, Dave’s mission is building Pansensic’s success: ensuring clients receive the very best products and service. He makes the voice of the customer heard throughout Pansensic. Dave’s extensive commercial and IP development experience, together with his passion for quality, mean that Pansensic’s offerings consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

theo davey

Theo Davey

HR Enthusiast

Theo is an adventurer who likes to explore the unknown. For four years he lived in Vilnius, Lithuania. Here, he obtained a first-class degree BA in Business Management, and gained valuable life and international experience along the way. Theo has a passion for everything analytics and loves to dig out the insights that can help improve the largest of organisations.

Pansensic work with many of the world’s best-known organisations and brands, in the commercial and corporate sector.
What they have in common is a belief that the experiences of their employees and stakeholders can improve profitibility.
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