Product development and analytics
Prototype development

Pansensic analytics not only decipher what people are saying about your products, but what people are saying about your competitors’ products as well. You benefit by knowing what is successful and, most importantly, are able to identify what aspects of your product/products are lacking or in need of improvement in order to become a five-star commodity.

Prototype development

Pansensic’s harvesters collect relevant comments, while our lenses search through comment data, seeking product improvements and innovation clues and insights. By identifying what customers really think and feel, like and dislike, what frustrates them, and so on, we can establish what can be improved upon quickly and easily within your business.

Technology development

For the first time, your competitors’ customers are posting feedback of their product online. You can analyse your competitors’ customers and what they think of their product or their service. This is a huge advantage over others in your field, as you can quickly and easily highlight the areas in which your product or service could be enhanced.

Design development

Pansensic have successfully helped many blue-chip organisations develop new products or improve existing ones, whilst furthering marketing communications. Here at Pansensic, our specialists deal with qualitative data. We do not just summarise information. We provide a depth of insight that is more granular, more accurate and more actionable.

Pansensic work with many of the world’s best-known organisations and brands, in both manufacturing and services.
What they have in common is a belief that the customer opinion and intelligence drives innovation and creates better products..
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