Staff Experiences: How to Encourage Staff Development

Finding a great employee can often feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. When you finally hire a superstar worker, you want to do everything you can to keep them engaged and happy. Right?

Employers that fail to reinvest/don’t assist employees in their occupational progress, run the risk of losing them to a company that will.

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Furthermore, only 30% of Americans felt engaged at work. Whilst a pitiful 13% of employees outside of America felt that their employers were actually engaging (Gallup 2012). These figures have remained unmoved since 2012. 

Qualitative data analysis helps many organisations discover more about their customers and products. Therefore, it is poor that utilising this type of analysis for staff development is often overlooked.

Data analysis can be the starting point for for many things

  1. Moulding enhanced staff development/experiences.
  2. Rewarding consistently fantastic workers.
  3. Supporting those who are struggling.
  4. Encouraging greater staff engagement.
  5. Nurturing the progression of employee care.

Let’s take a look at a couple of techniques organisations can use to improve employee engagement and development.

Effective Management

Effective management is vital. Those who are positioned in leadership roles are responsible for keeping employees motivated/committed. See our article on workplace culture for more on this. 

Performance Reviews

Just as runners sets manageable targets before undertaking a marathon, employees should set goals in the form of development programmes. Performance reviews also provide employers with the opportunity to give constructive feedback. This feedback should also be supported by evidence, tied to data, or linked to performance metrics. The review stage should be a tool to nurse employee growth and recognition. Not a means to knock confidence. When these reviews are constructive, measurable differences in employee progression is noted.

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Individual Development Plans

Creating individual staff development plans gives organisations a chance to discover the talents of their employees. Whats more, these plans will include measurable goals that are structured by realistic timeframes. Individual development plans encourage staff to invest their time and effort into reaching their targets. Which, consequently, increases the return of investment.

By analysing the data of staff surveys, you are also able to identify employees that may be at risk. Or employees that are struggling with their current workload or responsibilities. Predictive modelling allows better management on a day-to-day basis. 

– It can develop employee experience for the better.

– Reduce avoidable risks to the company.

– Improve business operations.

Take a look at our article specifically on Employee development plans for a more detailed analysis. 

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Team Improvements

When a company is rigid in its structures and processes, it can make it difficult for employee growth. It is up to management to remove such barriers. Management should use data insights to create a system that allows for a fluid approach to learning/working.

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Pansensic work with global organisations to manage and analyse staff feedbackWe don’t just summarise the data and leave you to it. We provide a depth of insight that is more granular, accurate and actionable. 

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