Staff Experiences: How to Encourage Staff Development

Finding a great employee is like finding a needle in a haystack. As such, you want to keep superstar workers happy…right? That’s where staff development comes in. 

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Only 30% of us feel engaged at work. What’s more, a pitiful 13% of employees find employers engaging (Gallup). These figures remain unmoved since 2012. It is, therefore, poor that qualitative data analysis is often overlooked for staff development.

Data analysis is just the start for staff development

  1. Mould development/experiences
  2. Reward fantastic workers
  3. Support those who are struggling
  4. Encourage engagement
  5. Nurture employee care

Performance Reviews

Employees should set goals in the form of development programmes. Performance reviews also provide a chance to give positive feedback. In addition, this feedback should be supported by evidence and tied to data.

Moreover, reviews should be a tool to nurse employee growth. Positive employee progression is noted when reviews are encouraging. 

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Development Plans

Creating development plans give business a chance to discover talent. What’s more, plans include goals that are shaped to realistic timeframes. Development plans encourage staff to invest time/effort to reach targets. Which, as a result, supports RoI. 

In addition, analysing data in staff surveys highlights struggling employees. Take a look at our article on Employee development plans for more on this. 

Team Improvements

Companies that are rigid in structure make it difficult for employee growth. It is, therefore, up to management to remove barriers. As such, data insights should create systems that allow for a fluid approach to working.

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Pansensic analyse staff feedback across the globe. What’s more, we don’t just summarise data. We provide a depth of insight that is more granular, accurate and actionable. 

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