Pansensic and STEM at the House of Lords

Inspiring groups and communities, developing teachers and leaders, and engaging employers and industry, STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is pathing the way for the youth of today.

A modern-day work ethic requires a modern-day curriculum and teaching approach. With valuable resources, personal development schemes, bursaries, clubs, ambassadors and enrichment programmes, STEM is providing teachers and students from elementary all the way through to high school level, just that.

Rather than separating disciplines into individual subject areas, STEM believes in merging studies in an interdisciplinary approach, that combines the teaching of Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to form a more rounded teaching experience. Unlike traditional education, STEM highlights how methods in these four fields can be utilised in everyday life, so that skills can be taken and transferred in other capacities and not jut course specific areas. 

The ability to apply computational thinking to real world problems and problem solving is a highly valuable asset to any organisation and one we value at Pansensic. Our employees come from a multitude of differing backgrounds and experiences and our combined knowledge gives us the edge. 

Science, engineering, mathematics, aerospace, sustainability, marine, and tech industries are flourishing in Cornwall. And, while we may be in the “middle of nowhere”, our technology has a global reach. That is why we continue to invest in STEM and are excited to have been invited to the Young Enterprise (JA in the UK) event at the House of Lords on the 27th of June to support them. 

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