Why Big Data is Important to Business


'Big data is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it,
everyone thinks everyone else is doing it so everyone claims they are doing it’
- Dan Ariely

To learn how big data can impact business, you must first conceive what data is. 

The set of information, either numbers or words, is processed to aid business choices. In sequence, these insights highlight aspects within business. 


– What people think/feel about a business.

– What people think of a product/service. 

– How employees rate work settings. 

– How differing branches work together.

graph of quantitive data.

Humans understand human actions better than any machine. As such, state-of-the-art technology is combined with human intellect to provide usable insights.

Product / Service Growth Systems

As business expands, so do products and services. Many companies, however, blindly create goods that do not satisfy audience needs. 

This is where data storytelling aids creative genius. Analysing data, both in-house and online is crucial. What’s more, with this fusion of data, openings for new product/ service developments are highlighted. 

Improving Customer and Staff Experiences

Think of the customer’s actions with your company as a journey. Customers will not be back if the journey takes too long. As a result, negative comments can have a negative effect on brand perception. Thus, affecting the decisions of potential customers.

human connection

Transform Business

There is a parallel between data collection and positive business changes. Moreover, gathering insights from relevant qualitative analysis allows business to be more agile. What’s more, it allows quicker reactions within the marketplace and, as a result, the needs of consumers. 

These insights mould a customer-centric approach to business practices.

Deep Analysis

Whether a new product or service, data will need to be analysed to construct an accurate image.

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