Falling for Fakery? False Reviews and How to Spot Them

When shopping online, checking out a hotel on an app, or scrutinising restaurants in the local area, many of us will go to the review section to sway our decision on whether to buy or use the product or service. It is quick and easy to take a gander through the comments, to see star […]

Stuck in the Middle with You: Gender Issues, Cross Generations, and the Importance of Listening

If you can listen to your staff, and staff can listen to one another, your working environment, and organisation as a whole, can benefit in a multitude of ways. In fact, the benefits of good listening skills have a butterfly- effect on the whole business.   How, you may ask? If people listen to one […]

How to Measure and Improve Staff Loyalty

Staff/employee loyalty refers to employees who show their devotion to organisational success through their actions. They always work to the best interests of the business and envision themselves as part of the future of the organisation. Commitment in your staff can have an important role to play in your business, but how exactly do you go […]

Dedicated Workforce or Overworked Workaholics? You Decide.

As motivational speaker and seminar leader Byron Pulsifer once said, ‘to make any kind of change, one has to have the will and determination to do it’. This is true for every aspect of life. If you want to forge a successful relationship, you have to be dedicated and put the time and effort into […]

How Can Staff Add Value to a Business?

‘Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.’ -Albert Einstein If you’re happy and you know it, productivity just flows! There’s no surprise that happy and engaged employees demonstrate more productivity and better results at work. Regardless of the business size, there will always be challenges […]