The Common Misconceptions of Data Analysis

There’s no denying it… big data analysis is making ripples in the business world. So, in response, you gather a host of articles and features regarding big data analysis to help shape your understanding of the process. While doing so, some of you may have noticed some inconsistencies between the thoughts, ideas and statements within […]

The Questions Businesses Should be Asking about Data Analysis

Despite data analysis being around for some decades now, it is only in the most recent years that data science has rapidly evolved its capabilities and applications to business, which is drawing the attention of a wealth of organisations across the globe and in a multitude of industries.

Does My Business Really Need Qualitative Data Analysis?

  The simple answer to this popular question is yes, but let us explain in the following feature why your business is really in need of qualitative data analysis as soon as possible. The advances in technology over the last couple of years are now allowing organisations to make smarter business decisions and implement monumental […]

The Difference Between Data Collection and Qualitative Data Analysis

  Every business should be analysing their data, but the sad truth is that a lot of businesses are failing to embrace the data revolution, or have only just scratched the surface of how data can revolutionise their organisation. This reality is somewhat understandable. The data revolution has evolved in recent years and businesses are […]

An A-Z Glossary on Big Data: Part Two (D-Z)

  At Pansensic, we understand that as wonderful as the internet is, it can throw a lot of information about data analysis that can send you spiralling down a black hole (so to speak!). Is it any wonder that many find the data analysis process and its benefits for their business hard to decipher? Data […]