Your customers, your staff, anybody and everybody: they are talking about your organisation

So what can they tell you? And what do they really mean?

We interpret and analyse these stories, revealing the true meaning so that you can act with confidence

Understand your customers and staff better than they understand themselves

You know that narrative is the data that holds the most value.

What you didn’t know was how best to unlock that value. Until now.

We know what to look for

We have the tools

Our insights are actionable



Based on 360 man-years research into 4.5 million world-wide patents





Our tool box contains 275 analytics tools, the most accurate in the industry





Over $3 billion of incremental value delivered to organisations across the world



Others talk about providing “deep” insights.

We go further: we provide specific, in context, insights. The kind that empower you to act with confidence to make a real difference.

“Superb analysis. We had a high level understanding of most of it, some was new, a real wake up call. But it’s the granularity of the analysis that will take us to the next level and allow us to improve customer retention.”

CEO of international insurance company

We guarantee we will find new and un-tapped value in your narrative data

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